About me

I am first and foremost the mother of three beautiful boys. My oldest , Daneal, is 16 in January. He is my rebel-heart who keeps me thinking and praying. My middle child, Brian, is 13. He is my light-heart who makes me laugh with his sharp witty comments. My baby, Ruhan, is 4. Yes! I know there is an extreme age gap, but you get what you pray for! (That story for another day.)

I’ve been teaching for 20 years now and still battle to understand the child psyche.

I am starting this blog because I’ve always wanted to write a book! So many things happen everyday that is as funny as a jackass movie that I want to share with everyone. And there are so many lessons that I get taught that I want to share too. I will voice my opinion on everything but try to be Holy-spirit lead.

I love the Lord with all my heart and if anyone can learn about Him in my ramblings then I’ve accomplished my goal. I am definitely not perfect or holy but I strive to give Jesus my utmost, to glorify His Name.



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