I didn’t die…

the first step to getting anywhere

If anyone was worried, I didn’t die. I haven’t been blogging since January, as I am re-evaluating the value of blogging. I love writing, but I have been feeling that I am only writing about myself and my activities. I love myself but I’m definitely not narcissistic to the extent that I believe people would find my everyday activities remotely interesting. So I am re-thinking what I want to achieve with my blog. So if you are following me, I will be doing some cosmetic surgery on the site soon, as well as writing about more than just my little corner of life.

Hope to start soon. Have a great day! Here by us it is wintery cold and a bleary sun is stroking the yellowed and reddened leaves on the trees…

I would really appreciate some input: Do you like my blogs? Why or why not? Do you have any suggestions for changes?

Lots of love



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