Do you know everything about Autism?

I sure don’t!

I have read various articles and been on courses but I feel like my knowledge is but a drop in the ocean!

I am facing a challenge at school. There are quite a few Autistic learners or learners with Asperger Syndrome.

As parents and teachers of children on the Autism spectrum know, these children sometimes present with other learning barriers too. In most of my learners’ cases it is ADHD.

I’m very excited because tomorrow counselors and teachers from our school is going to visit another school to learn more about helping these special needs learners.

I know having all the academic background is a must, but I would love practical advice on how to help these learners cope with our curriculum and also teach them the necessary social skills to deal with everyday life. Every individual has his/her own set of unique circumstances, learning style and coping mechanisms.

Please comment with tips that worked for you in cases where the learner battles with frustration due to sensory overload or inability to interact appropriately in a class situation.

There is a Sotho proverb that says: Motho ke motho ka batho. (A person is a person through other people).

There are so many people with specialised training that has tried many different techniques that work with special needs learners. Is it appropriate to ask for help? I sure hope so! I want to learn everything I can to help each learner in my class be their optimal self and to learn with enthusiasm.

Thank you for your input guys and galls! It is really appreciated.

xxx much love – hesta.


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