Are you good at gardening?

I am not good at gardening. In actual fact, I didn’t like gardening very much. I couldn’t stand the bending and getting up, the weeds that conspired to stay stuck in the ground, the sun that beat down on you and in my case, turned me into a light shade of tomato.

So I surprised myself two weekends ago when the gardening bug bit me. Maybe it was a long ago friend whose voice I heard in my head (which happened far too much lately) that told me that gardening is great therapy for stressed out, over worked moms and teachers like me.

I put on my brand new (nearly two years old but never used) gardening gloves because I don’t like dirt under my nails. I got out the tools (nearly rusty from no use) and started cleaning and weeding.

My garden is tiny. Probably a whole 12 by 6 metres! But it still took me three (yes 3!) Saturdays to weed the garden and plant a vegetable patch and put in some water wise flowers.

I really surprised myself because I thought I would quit half way through as usual. But as I put faces in front the shovel and rake of everyone who irritated me lately, I felt much better after a gardening session. And I’m sure it cost me less than a therapist or anger management class!

Now I’m like a mom who has to go and check on her babies every afternoon after work. I am so chuffed when I see little green shoots coming up in my vegetable patch. I see myself as one of those super efficient farmer’s wives on “Little house on the Prairie”! (Yeah right ;-))

As I add to my garden and decorate it for the coming festive season, I will keep you updated.

Take up gardening. I can’t tell you how good it feels to see something that you have planted, grow. Or how much stress relief there actually is in getting your hands (in my case gloves) dirty.

Happy gardening friends!

My tiny garden.

My tiny garden.



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