Why do I believe in God?

I believe in God because sometimes my world is so awesome that my soul shouts out for someone to thank. Then I thank Him!

I believe in God because sometimes the mountains and sunsets and moon and clouds are so breathtakingly beautiful that I need to praise the creator of all things beautiful. Then I praise Him!

I believe in God because sometimes things happen that are completely unplanned and hurt so much! Then I feel as if no one understands, but then I remember His Hands and the Man on the cross. Then I know Someone is crying with me. It’s Him!

I believe in God because sometimes I feel so confused and my life so without meaning and my dreams look so unreachable. Then I need someone to walk this journey with me and show me the way. Then He is there!

I believe in God because sometimes I do such stupid things and sin mess up my heart and life and hurt my loved ones. Then I need Someone to forgive me and bring me wisdom and peace. Then He is there!

He makes whole everything I’ve broken.
He gives Grace even when I’ve caused all the pain myself!

I believe in God because sometimes I really don’t know anything! I need guidance and wisdom in an upside-down world that I don’t always understand. Then I read the Words He wrote in the Bible and I hear His voice and things start to make sense again.

I believe in God because I don’t ever want to be alone again or do anything or make any choice without Him.

I believe in God, in Jesus and in His Spirit because He is always there! All the time! Always!

My dearest aunt Sarah sends me inspirational messages every day. This comes from her pen…

I hope I have inspired you just a little bit today.



  1. Hesta, that was absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. It seems pretty appropriate for what just happened to you and your family over this past weekend.

    I just read your comments on that she reads truth morning devotional. When I clicked on your name to comment, it brought me here. That’s why I’m commenting here. But God must of wanted me to read this beautiful post today.

    I want to let you know I am praying for you your family and the family and friends of your friends who were murdered. God has this.

    1. Hi there Deb, thank you for posting such an encouranging reply. I am still a newbie at blogging so any comments are really appreciated. I love writing and want to make it part of my ministry. We buried my friend yesterday so it had not been two good days, but I remind myself what you said:”God has this.” Tomorrow and the days after will be better. We serve an awesome God! Many blessings. xxx hesta

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