Why do homework?


A few of my students wrote an essay about homework and why or why not to do it. I would love to share their points of view with you.

Are there benefits to homework?

#1 It teaches us to be successful in life. If you wanna be successful, you have to do homework.

#2 It will help us become professional and responsible.

#3 It helps us pass the grade with good marks.

#4 If we do our work wrong then Mam can tell us so that we can fix it and fix it and fix it until we get it right, so that we can pass the grade because Mam pushed us to get the knowledge and know the work.

Ah, then one of the learners took it a step further:

Let’s look at the reasons why I don’t like to do my homework:

#1 Sometimes I really forget to do my homework. (But I know that is no excuse.)

#2 Sometimes I don’t write in my diary. 

#3 Sometimes there are subjects I don’t like and I don’t like doing their homework.

#4 It is so boring to do homework….

#5 Sometimes I am so tired and I don’t have the strength to do it.

#6 I am an extremely slow reader, therefore when I get to the end of a sentence, I have forgotten what is written in the beginning.

And then the cherry on my proverbial cake!

What am I going to do to help myself do homework:

#1 Do the difficult stuff first.

#2 I am definitely going to put my cellphone in my bag because it is like a magnet calling me to please pick it up!

#3 I’m going to get organised and set myself a time limit.

#4 I have to improve my reading to read faster.

#5 I have to stop being quiet in class and ask for more help. But it it difficult because I want to do things on my own.

#6 I can stop playing video games and do some reading excercises.

I am so proud of each learner that sat down and thought this topic through. It was a punishment excercise since they didn’t complete their homework, but a lot of really postive things came out of it.

#1 They are learning to write creatively.

#2 They are learning to express themselves by using good vocabulary.

# They are thinking about a problem and are trying to solve it.

Although homework is given to practise in skills learnt at school, I also realised that children need to be children more. We are pressuring them to excel in everything from a very early age, forgetting that when we were that young, there we more time to play outside than now. 

Alas my dear students, I will still give homework but I will give it with a gentle hand, because I love you…

(Many thanks to each one of my students for allowing me to use their writing in this blog. All of them are in grade 7 and are between 12 and 14 years old.)


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