Who are special needs children?

In my professional capacity I can give you the educationally correct answer that special needs children are those who have a physical or mental barrier to learning. The children who walk around with hearing aids, ride around with wheel chairs, stroll around with Autism , ADHD, Epilespy, ODD, OCD, Asberger’s syndrome etc etc…

But what about the little girl who walked into my class this morning after hearing her parents are getting a divorce? What about that boy who was ridiculed at break for being overweight? What about that girl whose uncle touches her inappropriately or the boy whose father hits him in a fit of rage in his drunken stupor.

Our education system has policies in place for bullying, physical and even mental abuse, but how many schools and teachers are equipped to deal with these growing crowd of special needs children?

Our children are bombarded with pornography, sexting, alcohol abuse and drugs everyday. They face peer-pressure through chat-rooms and facebook, twitter and instant messaging.

I think EVERY child nowadays are special needs children. Every one of them needs to hear: “You are worth it!” 

“You are loved.”

“Although you might not have been planned by your parents, you are no mistake. God knew about you and chose you to exist in the family that you are.”

“Whatever is  happening in your parents’ lives is not your fault.”

“You will get through this difficult times.”

“There are people that care deeply for you even if they are not blood family.

It is time to open our eyes and notice when our children are withdrawn. It is time to put TIME into our relationships with our children. Giving them a smartphone or a X Box or a PSP or even money to keep themselves busy will not remove their need. It actually compounds it.

Are we leaving our children vulnerable and in need? 

I pray for each child and parent and teacher. I pray that the words we say will be thought out before it leaves our mouths. Whether friend to friend as children or adult to child. That we look for healing in our own lives so that we can help heal in the lives of others.Image



    1. Aaaww! Thank you for actually reading it sweety! I see we still have to work on your punctuating skills. We will start on it tomorrow, ok? xxx

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