Clutter, what clutter?

Jon Gordon says, ‘We fill our minds with thoughts that hold us back, habits that limit us, distractions that derail us, negative people who drain us, fear that paralyses us, time-sappers that sabotage our productivity. We fill up with so many things that generate negative energy, there’s no room for positive energy in our lives.’

Paul writes, ‘…throw off your…former way of life…let the Spirit renew your thoughts and attitudes’ (vv. 22-23 NLT).

The clutter you need to lose includes: believing that you’re alone, trying to please everybody, feeling insecure, putting yourself down, ,jumping to negative conclusions before you know the facts, thinking you’re always right, recalling all the times you messed up, needing to have all the answers, worrying that if you let go of the memorabilia you’ll lose the memories, agonising that you’re not rich, good or clever enough, surrounding yourself with people who remember the bad times and not the good, viewing life like a movie instead of participating, believing that your best days are over, always waiting for the right moment, fearing you will look foolish, focusing on negative type-casting…and anything else you don’t want to pass on to your children.

How can you get rid of the clutter? ‘…let the Spirit renew your…attitudes.’

Have a great Women’s day friends!

Xxxx hesta

xxxxx hesta



  1. You are so right. God is there to help me see things clearly and concern myself with the things that matter eternally.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. May the Lord bless you and keep you and remind you that He is the One carrying you and me everyday.

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