At what speed are you living?


Since the beginning of the new school term it feels as if I am living at the speed of blur.

Getting up in time, rushing to get everyone dressed and ready for school, rushing to school, rushing through the classes, rushing to meetings, rushing home, rushing to do emergency shopping, rushing to finish housework, rushing, rushing, rushing!!

Is your life also that hectic?

I heard a beautiful quote to summarise exactly how I feel about all this rushing:

I try to take it one day at a time, but some days attack me all at once!

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed? Me? Well, I eat chocolate and do deep breathing exercises. My temper (and temperature!) rises on hectic days, so I truly try to not let rip.

When I do get a chance to be quiet, I remind myself that what I do, need to have eternity value. But how does sitting in a traffic jam add value to my life eternally? Perhaps only if I use that time productively, catching up on my children’s day or praying for a friend who is in my thoughts? Some days I just sit and realise after 10 minutes that no thought crossed my mind! A complete blank!

Then I must remember to have mercy on myself. We push ourselves to the brink of what we can manage and sometimes beyond. Do you do that too?

I want to be in green pastures and beside still waters but until then…I will try to take life slower, to savour precious moments and tolerate waste-of-time moments.

I hope that in your hectic schedule friends, you also find that spot of tranquility where you will be the best person you can be.

xxxx hesta


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