Let me do something beautiful for you…

I’m contemplating life (and death) tonight.

We buried a very special friend today and not a couple of months ago a favorite cousin too.

I was shocked by both deaths because they were so unexpected and because both of them are only a couple of years older than me!

It made me realize how fleeting life actually was. How we waste time holding grudges, feeling offended. Or rushing through the busy-ness of everyday without seeing the beauty around us, touching those we love ánd those we don’t want to love.

Does your life have eternity-value? If you die today, will there be others that can proclaim before our Judge you loved them when they were unloveable? You helped them when they needed a helping hand? You showed them the way to the Light and Grace and Mercy of a loving Father? You spent time with them when you could have spent time doing what yóu wanted?

I want to start a conscious, daily, random act of kindness-thing. For in being randomly kind to someone, without expecting something back, we will be living like Christ wanted us to live – souled out to Him, to loving the world as He loves us.

I hope to do something everyday to touch someone’s life in a positive way. My friend’s life reminded me of that. How she was always gracious, generous, loving. Never a push-over but always ready to do good.

I’m sorry that the death of a friend had to tear me out of the inertia I’ve fallen into. We know these things, know that our days are numbered, that we all will one day reach the finish line and step over into the Glorious Light. Yet somehow, we still live as if we will live forever, and doing that good deed, spending that couple of minutes can wait until tomorrow.

I’m reminded that God knows us so well:
“Like an open book, you watched me grow from conception to birth; all the stages of my life were spread out before you, The days of my life all prepared before I’d even lived one day.” -Psalm 139:16 (Msg)

May He grant me the strength to follow through on this decision. To live life fully, loving without expecting something back.

Until we meet again in Glory, rest in God’s arms my friend!

xxxxx hesta



  1. What an awesome act of generosity Hesta!!! We should all try and do this random act of kindness. I agree with you, in that I think as a human race it should come naturally but somehow over the ages we have grown to “important” by ourselves and maybe even scared that someone else might have more or better than me, and therefore I have a right to “not love” them as I should. I also learn and are reminded on a daily basis the truth and importance of the commandment that says ‘love they neighbour like them self’.


    1. Thanks for sharing Dave! Yes, unfortunately as humans we are selfish to the core. But thank God for His Grace and Mercy that He can transform and renew our minds! Just imagine!! One act of random kindness by every person on earth (even just half, even just a third!) The world will instantly be a better place!!
      We so need it here in SA! I’m sure there where you are too!
      Have a blessed day!
      Xxxx hesta

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