Taking it slow…

During our winter holidays, I love:
1. Sleeping in, but then again the kids are still up at six.

2. Reading a magazine while lying in bed, but then again 4 children’s voices avidly discussing what they like and dislike distract me.

3. Spending more quiet time in prayer, but then again running and yelling down the passageway make it véry difficult to concentrate.

4. Window shopping to give me craft ideas, but then again I get bombarded with “can I get that toy!?” Or “I’m really hungry and tired, can we have lunch?” Or walking past the movies “We haven’t seen a movie in ages!”

5. Crafting but then again I get the “No-one plays with me!”

6. Knitting but then again the washing is a lot more and chores don’t seem to end.

So I’m not going to complain when my-time becomes their-time most of the time.

God gave me these arrows to shoot into the future and the only way I’m going to do that semi-right is if I spend time with them.

Love can sometimes be measured – in time.

How are you doing in the holidays friends?

xxxxx hesta


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