Father’s day: What my dad taught me…

My brother sent me a mail this morning with this message:’ This will make you think about our dad…’ He’s been gone for 10 years now but will never be forgotten!

What my dad taught me…
He taught me to crawl but also taught me that when I’m all grown up not to crawl for what I want, but to wórk for it…

He taught me that not everything in life ends like a fairy tale and that a cactus is a flower too…

He taught me about north, east, south and west but also that only I can determine the direction my life takes by the choices I make…

He taught me that the shortest way to a man’s heart is through the TV remote, with all the sport channels as main course…

He taught me that Bostik can fix anything from a broken kettle to a broken heart…

He taught me that grid, grout and great is not the same thing…

He taught me not to blame my sister (me!) If the half moon hangs in the night sky and I said she broke it.

He taught me there is always three sides to a story: my side, your side and the right side.

He taught me the most loyal and cheapest pet is a piggy bank.

He taught me that the most beautiful woman in the world is my mother.

With tears in my eyes I remember my imperfect, perfect dad. Whose whispers of wisdom still echoes in my mind. And I can add to my brother’s thoughts:

He taught me to always get up when I fall.

That failure is a new beginning.

That smiling can make the sun shine brighter.

That overlooking someone’s faults don’t make you blind but gives you compassion.

That loving even when you feel unloved will come back to bless you hundred fold.

That prayer is always answered.

To our dad in heaven and to our DAD in heaven: Happy Father’s day!

xxxxx hesta


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