What is love?

So I can’t knit very well since I am left-handed, but my gran taught me how to help myself holding the knitting needles in an odd fashion, one tucked under my arm. And I really can’t read a knitting pattern.

But one of the loves in my life wanted gloves without fingers….

So I checked on pinterest and I phoned an aunt who is a wizz at knitting and I worked out a pattern that I can understand. Which means it has to be pretty easy!

I can only knit in my free time, which is becoming increasingly less with the midyear exams coming on and me helping at the aftercare at school too.

But I persevered! I’m so chuffed! My Ruhan-love sat big-eyed on my bed, watching me sow the sides closed. His anticipation matched my dread that it might not fit.

Oh joy! Everything fit perfectly! The joy on his little face is evident!!

Friends, sometimes something as simple as a pair of fingerless gloves can fill a love-tank. A colleague at work asked me why I bothered battling with the knitting if I probably could buy it for cheaper. I’ll show her this photograph in answer to her question.

Love is an act of service, a physical touch, a word of affirmation, special time spent and a gift given out of your heart.

What are you doing this week to fill a love-tank of one of those you love?

xxxxx hesta


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