Missing you…

I woke up this morning with the stark realisation that today it’s 10 years that my father, my confidant and best friend has gone to heaven.

Wow. Ten years? I really can’t believe it’s been so long. But then that also means that my mother has been gone for 14 years!

And that makes my brother and I orphans. It would surely make my parents’ hearts warm to know we 2 knitted together closer, our families looking forward to seeing each other. Yet, sometimes I look at mother’s and father’s days, see how other children disregard their parents and wish with an ache just to have one more conversation with them.

But before the gloom set in today, I will remember the following:
1. God works out everything to the good of those who love Him.
2. Both of them are healthy and painfree for that long time and are probably having long visits with my other family in heaven and hopefully bragging a bit about how we are doing down here.
3. Family doesn’t have to be blood relatives. So many moms and dads of friends have stepped up to the plate to be there in some way.
4. There is the glorious hope that I will be reunited with them one day. Together we will glorify our Saviour.

So, mom, dad, I miss you like crazy. My boys would have loved to know you and learn from your wisdom. And yes, you were right most of the time ;-))

Dear God, give them both a big hug from me today and everyday until we see each other again.

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