Class of 2012

And so the last school day has arrived for the Class of 2012!

Some arrived with trepidation, worrying if they made it to the next grade. Others came with wild abandon, hugging life and laughing and running down the corridor.

Each of the 66 children I had the pleasure to get to know taught me something. Things like:
1. patience is for sure a virtue
2. even if you work at a snail’s pace you will eventually pass go
3. laughter and smiling can be a defense against attacks
4. Being helpful gives more pleasure than being spiteful
5. You can walk around with hurt and some people will never notice
6. You can have sweets for breakfast
The list is probably endless…

One is never too old to learn, especially from children!

I love each child that cross my path even if I don’t like them very much sometimes.

To my Class of 2012: I love you guys! You give me grey hairs and keep my spirit young!

And next year I’ll do it all over again!

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