I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have [perfect] peace and confidence. In the world you have tribulation and trials and distress and frustration; but be of good cheer [take courage; be confident, certain, undaunted]! For I have overcome the world. [I have deprived it of power to harm you and have conquered it for you.] (John 16:33)

This morning at church we completed our annual thanksgiving series of three services. We look back at the year past and write what we are thankful for on notes that we stick to helium-filled balloons and release them. What a sight to see nearly 2000 balloons float up! I know that by just writing down what I am thankful for makes me realize how extremely blessed I am. I sometime feel that I am God’s favorite! But then again the Word says that we who seek Him with all our heart, are His beloved, His ‘favorite’.

We look at where we are in life, the now. Is it in line with God’s plan for our lives? Where do I need to change? What do I need to lie down at the cross? We plant candles in a sand cross in remembrance of where we are, that we are the light of this world. Are people seeing Jesus in my life?

We look to the future, realizing that faith is not being in control, nor is it a formula or tactic to get out of life’s difficulties. There is a huge difference between believing in something and to trust in Someone.

Martha believed that if Jesus only arrived in time, He would have been able to save Lazarus. She believed in something – Jesus’ healing power but she didn’t trust Him! Jesus told her:” I AM the Resurrection and the Life…” We are like that too! We believe in our doctrine, our rituals, our manmade rules instead of trusting in Him. We many times even think if we follow this or that formula, we will get out of a difficult situation just because it worked once before! But we are limiting God! Jesus didn’t just heal by laying hands on people. He sometimes only spoke to the illness. Other times He did weird things like spitting in the ground and making mud to put on a man’s eyes!

So, I stand today with the promise that in my difficult situations I can have peace IN HIM who is the Resurrection and Life, the Lamb and the Brother and Friend. I am so thankful to have Jesus as my Saviour. That He holds my hand and not me His. Because when life gets hard and I slip, I can not let go of His Hand because He is holding mine!
What are you thankful for?

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